The masm 8086 assembler for advance windows operating systems.

Now you can run the masm software on advanced windows operating systems like win 7/8.1 and win 10 .
To run the software we have to follow some procedure.
The procedure is explained below and also it is available in Readme file.

Steps for masm setup.

  1.  Click HERE to Download the setup files.
  2. click on DOSBox0.74-win32-installer and install it.
  3. Extract the masm folder to C:

Steps to edit and run .asm file

  1. open the DOSBox from desktop icon.
  2. Type "mount c c:\masm"
  3. Type "c:\"
  4. Type "edit filename.asm" (replace the filename with your file name.)
  5. Write the program and save it.
  6. Click on file>exit
  7. Type "masm/zi filename.asm;" to checking the syntaxes.
  8. Type "link/co filename.obj;" for linking the program.
  9. Type "cv filename" to run the program in code view.

(Note-to check the memory content of 1000h location in code view
the command is d ds:0x1000)

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